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The 6 Most 420-Friendly Cities in the US For Your Next Toke Out Of Town

Recreational use is now legal in many corners of the USA, so we've unveiled the 6 most 420-friendly cities to help you plan your next toke out of town.

We all thought the day would never come. While we wished on every four-leaf clover, shooting star and birthday cake candle blow-out, Canada finally saw reason and even a couple of States found clarity and passed the legislation to legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana use.

If you enjoy partaking in cannabis, your next vacation should include some greens. With cannabis tourism in the USA still in its baby-stages, we’ve picked some places to puff and partake, including two cannabis-friendly hotels. To elevate your high, we’ve compiled some ideas for where to enjoy the best cultural activities, the best parks, the best place to enjoy those limitless munchies and finally, where to crash out– just keep in mind that unless noted, none of these hotels officially endorse pot, nor are you allowed to smoke in your room.

Individual laws vary state by state, but within our picks for best cities in which to smoke up, there is at least some degree of legality in consuming. How you get your hands on a dime bag might vary, but just remember to be polite and puff-puff-pass.

Portland strain of choice: Super Lemon Haze

Best of Culture: Ever chortled with delight while looking at art? Smoke a bit of the peace pipe before entering the Portland Museum of Art and you’ll notice all the quirky details hiding in the art. Entrance is free every Friday from 4:00 p.m., coinciding perfectly with the call of 4:20.

Best Park: Stroll along the Eastern Promenade until you find the perfect patch of grass for a picnic amid the spacious 68 acres. Spread it all out and feast al fresco with views of sailboats, dogs playing, and the occasional beaver sighting.

Best of Munchies:  The divine lobster is King in Maine cooking — but what happens when you pair it with Mexican cooking? You’ve manufactured the ultimate stoner snack. The creation exists past the limits of your imagination at the Highroller Lobster Co. where fresh Maine lobster is thrown into a bacon and cheese taco shell with veggies and jalapeño mayo. If you’re a more conventional roller, you can also just stick with the traditional variety served in a brioche bun at the same location.

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Best Portland Stay

The boldly whimsical decor of the Pomegranate Inn makes it a feast for the senses. You’ll feel like you’re wandering into Alice’s Wonderland as you stare into the opulently-detailed wallpapers. Add in working fireplaces and fluffy duvets and you’ve got an evening in with the giggles.

A tapas-style breakfast is included in your stay. If you’re at all surprised at the format, you’ll count yourself a fan since you’ll be able to sample all of the offerings instead of being stuck with the gut-wrenching choice of a single main dish.

Pomegranate Inn

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Portland strain of choice: Sour Jack

Best of Culture: Start with a pre-game smoke session and venture into the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium. A gross, creepy, weird and strange collection of paraphernalia awaits, and since the shock factor is part of the adventure, we won’t give away too many details. Entrance, oddly enough, is free if you come with your pet– even if it’s a snake, so long as it’s well behaved.

Best Park: Portland is renowned for its parks and green spaces– but none plucks our stoner heartstrings like Cathedral Park in North Portland. It’s located underneath a huge commuter bridge whose support beams form elegant arches. Normally it’s quite empty, making it the perfect place to smoke up.

Best of Munchies: Homegrown Smoker is a 100 percent vegan barbecue joint. Don’t be deterred by the lack of meat, carnivores! Plant-based and meat-based folks alike will delight with every juicy, saucy bite into the Mac Daddy burger, the smoker ribs, and plenty of classic sides like mac and cheese, hush puppies and collard greens. If you like a challenge, the two-pound Macnocheeto burrito is waiting for you.

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Best Portland Stay

The Jupiter Hotel is proud to provide a 420 package for out-of-town stoners looking to get lit. The package comes with an issue of Oregon Leaf magazine, a full-on munchie kit for when the snack drive kicks in, a vape pen, and plenty of discount coupons for local dispensaries. It’s a truly seamless stoner stay.

Jupiter Hotel

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Denver strain of choice: Fruity Pebbles

Best of Culture: You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of abstract painting at the Clyfford Still Museum. Wake, bake, and head here during the morning for ample alone time with each piece — mesmerizing bold swashes of jewel tones contrast beautifully with the minimalist interior of the museum.

Best Park:  Plan your day around catching the sunset at Inspiration Point Park with phenomenal views over the Rockies. Embrace your inner Bob Ross, bring some art supplies along with of couple joints, and bask in the sun while painting the view.

Best of Munchies: Illegal Pete’s is a staple of the Denver stoner diet with its token burrito smothered in green chili sauce. If you stay in Denver to smoke away the weekend, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be hitting them up at their multiple locations.

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Best Denver Stay

We’ve got to take a moment to honor The Adagio Bud and Breakfast with a round of applause. It was the first 420-friendly lodging not only in the Mile High City but in the whole of the United States. The lovely Victorian house that paved the way for cannabis tourism is surrounded by lush gardens for a discreet toke or two. Included in your stay are the Chef’s Wake N’ Bake Breakfast and generous 4:20 Happy Hour appetizers to satiate all your munchies.

Further 420 amenities include access to over 100 varieties of pipes, edibles, cannabis-infused massages and coupons to local dispensaries. For curious, potentially first-time users, your hosts are also your budtenders, giving recommendations on which strains to sample.


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Anchorage strain of choice: Pineapple Express

Best of Culture:  Don’t be chump! Embrace the sprawling beauty that surrounds Anchorage, strap on those hiking boots, and get outside. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is the perfect place to appreciate what Mother Nature granted to Alaska in abundance —  bison, wolves, reindeer, and grizzlies are all native to this area.

Best Park: Why would we send you to a pathetic stretch of green lawn masquerading as a park in Alaska when just outside of Anchorage you can fill your lungs with crisp air and stretch your legs on a hike at the Chugach State Park and Forest? Mesmerizing and inspiring, the seemingly endless stretch of coastline, mountains, and glaciers is even more majestic when accompanied by a few puffs on the vape.

Best of Munchies:  All Day Breakfast at Snow City Cafe comes with a locally-infused spin. Thanks to the abundance of fresh ingredients available nearby, dishes like Eggs Benedict up the ante with Alaska King Crab legs instead of the traditional ham. The plates here are spilling over with food and served pretty darn quick, meaning as soon as the breakfast food craving inevitably sinks in at 4:30 p.m., you’ll know where to go.

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Best Anchorage Stay

Located on the shores of Lake Hood and nestled up to a view of the Chugach Mountains, The Lakefront Anchorage is 100 percent-in-your-face-Alaskan with stuffed trophies of polar, Kodiak, and black bears decorating the lobby. While smoking inside the hotel is not permitted, wander down to the dock to vape and you’ll be rewarded by the view and an orchestra of animal sounds.

Also onsite are three restaurants to please all your munchie moods: local sockeye salmon fresher than the morning air, grilled reindeer, and Red King Crab cakes standout as our picks for hungry stoners spent from a long day of adventuring.

The Lakefront Anchorage

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Las Vegas strain of choice: Jack Herer

Best of Culture: While hitting the slot machines or making the rounds of the big hotel lobbies is a perfectly acceptable way to pass the time in Sin City, we gently encourage you to roll out of your king-sized bed and head to the Neon Museum and Boneyard. Visits are most dramatic once the sun has set. You’ll be lead through the remains of pieces of Vegas’ iconic neon signage while listening to legendary stories of Las Vegas.

Best Park: Take a trip out of town to escape the unnatural glare of Vegas’ neon lights to the absurdly fantastical Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The landscape is already trippy enough, so adding an extra layer of psychedelia brings the surreal beauty alive.

Best of Munchies:  One word: buffet. Roll a couple blunts of your favorite munchie-inducing strain (Amnesia and Orange Kush are our personal faves) and head to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. You can eat like an Emperor, sampling and mingling flavors of over 500 dishes. No more food FOMO.

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Best Las Vegas Stay

One of the best things about smoking weed is how fun it becomes to simply look around, soak in your surroundings, and slip into an uncontrollable giggle. A stoner’s trip to Vegas calls for an over-the-top hotel with prime people-watching opportunities, like at The Luxor Resort. The crowds aren’t the only reason to come: the over-the-top Egyptian theme and the onsite casino are other highlights. The pool is also an excellent spot to spend the day in the sun with your vape snuggled in beside you.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

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Seattle strain of choice: Lucky Dreams

Best of Culture: The Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP is the perfect pop of culture into your weed-fueled Seattle trip. The permanent collection and exhibitions include a bevy of pot-culture favorites including Star Trek, Marvel Superheroes, and Jimi Hendrix. All this is contained in a wacky Frank Gehry building whose sheet metal exterior seems to change colors and even morph shapes, depending on how much of that purple haze you’ve smoked.

Best Park: Looming straight out of a steampunk fantasy, the Gas Works Park in Seattle was made for an afternoon of puffing and exploring. The ruined and reclaimed pieces of a former gasification plant are joined by plenty of green space and an amazing view of the downtown Seattle skyline.

Best of Munchies: What pairs well with all that Seattle rain? Ramen. Toss on a dark-colored top and head to tiny and crazy popular Tsukushinbo for a big, hot bowl of ramen to slurp down. If they’ve run out (as they frequently do) or the weather is too wet to venture outside, order a bowl of delivery ramen from Samurai Noodle straight to your hotel room door.

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Best Seattle Stay

A mere minute walk from the Pike Place Market munchie paradise, the Thompson Seattle has floor-to-ceiling windows with postcard-worthy views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. If your stoner style is all about the chillax to the max, the sumptuous bedding can be used to make an excellent fort. If your stoner style is all about getting outside and enjoying the hustle and bustle, the prime location of the Thompson means you’re barely a moment away from spotting wildlife at the water’s shore while a jaunt in the opposite direction lands you right into the action of downtown Seattle.

Thompson Seattle by Hyatt

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