Tucked In: Toronto’s Broadview Hotel

I cross into the Broadview’s boutique-sized lobby and it’s apparent from the get-go that this is a hotel that has paid extra attention to its design details.

Gilded double elevators anchor the end of the reception framed by a black iron motif, that I later learn from General Manager Murray Henderson are made from pieces of the building’s old fire exit staircases.

A giddy group of revellers brushes past beelining it for the Rooftop bar.

The Broadview Hotel


The Rooftop…

The social hub of the Broadview is undoubtedly the top floor. Small nibbles (blistered shishito peppers, anyone?) and balanced cocktails feature on the Broadview Rooftop menu. Torontonians and visiting friends come for the special view with a depth of field that can only be achieved when you’re removed from the downtown core. A full revolution around the outdoor patio takes you from a view of Toronto’s skyscrapers to the residential rooftops of the East End while tip-toeing by the private dining room that occupies the corner tower of the Broadview.

Good night, party life. Time for bed.

The Broadview

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