Places We Wish to Go: 5 Places in Our Future Travel Plans

From Kenya to Japan, find out what destinations we've been dreaming of here at trivago.

How many ways can you travel from home?

In one Facebook group, one of the participants suggested a game: click on a button in Google Maps to discover a new travel destination. Each person would then be taken to a random place on Earth without having to leave the house, just exploring satellite photos of the location. In virtual communities, people are posting photos of what they can see from their homes. Many have taken to social media to share tips on how to recreate a foreign ambiance in the comfort of your own kitchen or living room.

With creativity, people have been able to transport themselves to incredible far away places and, in a roundabout way, are a bit more satisfied with their desire to get out there.

Nowadays, traveling with all the freedoms we had before still seems a ways away. But nothing is going to stop us from imagining where our next stop will be – the first place we want to go as soon as it’s safe to do so. Be it a trip that had to be postponed or that old plan to visit a new place, we asked the people who make trivago Magazine which destinations are at the top of their travel lists.

Why Sicily and what are the plans?

Ray is from Rio and her longing for the ocean tagged along in her suitcase when she moved to Europe. Therefore, she is always looking for a place where she can see the horizon and top up her tan. She has traveled to several European countries, but has not yet visited the Italian island, where flights with good prices depart from the city where she lives in Germany.

After days spent trying to recreate a beach atmosphere in her apartment, reproducing the sound of the sea on her speakers and sunbathing by the window, all Ray wants right now is to enjoy a real beach!

The main idea for her trip is just that: sand, sea and a lot of nature. Since her travel style is more relaxed, without sticking to a rigid schedule, she wants to visit places by foot and, most importantly, catch the sunset every day.

Where will Ray be staying?

Ray has spent way too much time away from the seaside, so we want her accommodation to be only a stone’s throw away from the beach. Based on her plans, we also want to guarantee that she’ll have some excellent gastronomic options, a pool to relax and enjoy the natural landscape of Sicily and that she’s close to a city where she can stroll between trips to the beach – plus, of course, a good price. If you’re travel style is like Ray’s, we recommend the Casale del Golfo.

Why Kenya and what are the plans?

Cris can’t wait to be able to travel again. While searching for destinations close to the city where she lives for a quick car escape with her husband and Cocoa, their honey-colored lab with passionate eyes and loads of energy, she dreams of the trip they had planned for Kenya. It would have been his first time in Africa and her desire to visit the country only grows the longer the plans are postponed.

The trip was initially planned for September due to the drier weather and because it’s the best time to see the animals migrating. The main plans are classic African safari – to explore nature, see wildlife, sleep in the middle of the savannah and get to know the Kenyan coast.

Cris is also very curious to learn more about the country’s culture and taste the local delicacies. She comes from Cali, in a region in Colombia that has been heavily influenced by African culture, and it’s from there that her interest in the continent stems. Included in her itinerary are places like Nairobi, Diani, Lamu and the Maasai Mara nature reserve.

Where will Cris stay?

As we said before, this is a trip that Cris has been planning for a while so she had already researched the places where she wants to stay. We were in awe of the hotel she chose for the days spent in Maasai Mara – a glamping-style luxury camp.

Why Costa Rica and what are the plans?

Though Rafa now lives in Germany (he’s originally from Rio), his parents and sister are still in Brazil. Because of the distance, his family started a tradition two years ago: instead of visiting each other at home, they meet up somewhere in the world, spending a month together on the road getting to know incredible new places. The first two destinations were in Europe, but now it’s time to switch continents. Costa Rica was on the list for its exuberant nature and paradisaical beaches. The country is not too large size-wise, so it would be possible to explore by car – though there are some limitations in the form of few highways and many curves, an effort to preserve the environment.

The main objective of the trip is to bring the family together to visit new places. As Rafa lives in a city very far from the beach and with days almost numbered from the sun, he decided to influence the choice of destination a little so he could be reunited with the sea. The idea is to explore the local nature to the fullest, take a lot of sea baths and eat a lot of local food. The family plans to visit Cahuita and Tortuguero, which are two national parks, the Arenal volcano and the capital San José.

Where will Rafa stay?

To try and replicate the feeling of traveling, Rafa has been watching travel videos on Youtube. In his long dreamed of family vacay, we want to make sure he can make his very own recordings to keep as a souvenir. To make a prime backdrop for future GoPro shots, we chose a super photogenic spot where he and his family can enjoy nature, with bungalow options for up to four people and a delicious breakfast.

Why Brazil and what are the plans?

The trip to Brazil was postponed due to the current situation, so it remains at the top of Andreia’s list. She would also like to visit somewhere far from the city where she lives in Germany, once everything is under control.

Andreia is Portuguese and knows Brazil for some of the best things they export: cuisine and music. These drew her to choose the country as a top priority vacation destination, along with the abundant nature and beaches. In fact, what she’s looking forward to most on her trip is spending long hours sunbathing by the water. Because of this, she chose her itinerary strategically, choosing only capitals on the Brazilian coast: Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador and Rio.

Where will Andreia stay?

Rio de Janeiro will be Andreia’s last stop in Brazil. Before she returns home, what better place to stay than a bespoke hotel that meets her main requirements for the city: proximity to tourist attractions and security. Here, she can be close to restaurants and bars to enjoy a night out in Rio. How about throwing in a pool and decent price for good measure?

Why Japan and what are the plans?

Japan was already Anna’s teenage dream. Since she read the novel “Memoirs of a Geisha”, which takes place in the area of Kyoto, she became fascinated with the country’s culture. She was also heavily influenced by her Japanese friends back in her home city in Canada. In 2019, Anna lived in Asia for school, but she didn’t have time to reach Japan.

As it will be her first time in the country, she wants to go at the most famous time: spring. With the arrival of the season, the cherry trees (or Sakura in Japanese) begin to bloom and turn the country pretty-in-pink, a spectacle that you’ve definitely seen somewhere on your newsfeed.

Of course, Kyoto will be on the docket. Not only is the city the setting for one of Anna’s favourite books, but it has a uniquely preserved history. In addition, she plans to hit up Tokyo and visit a friend living near Hiroshima.

Where will Anna stay?

Anna is the type of traveler who likes to fully experience the local culture when she’s exploring the world. Currently in isolation, she has taken inspiration from reading about travel and used the extra time at home to cook recipes she tasted during her time in Asia, all to the sound of K-Pop. For this reason, she wants her visit to Kyoto to be complete by staying in a place where she has intense contact with the local culture.