Cozy Up To Winter At These 9 Canadian Hotels with In-Room Fireplaces

Turn the tables on the challenging long, wet, grey and white Canadian winters with an indulgent hotel stay.

Whether you confront winter head-on by layering up and staying active outside or prefer to go full-on hibernation mode under a pile of quilts, our favourite winter amenity and the best way to keep spirits high is the comforting crackle of a roaring fire.

We’re already dreaming of bunkering down at these cozy coast to coast hotels with in-room fireplaces–perfect for post-ski naps, drying wet mittens and reigniting your own romantic flames.

Northern Nights at The Frobisher Inn


As sunlit hours are scarce during Iqaluit’s deep winter you might as well relish in the darkness of a northern night with a warm toasty fire as your companion. Whether you curl up to the fireplace post snowshoe hike or just spend the entire day lazing fireside, your suite at the Frobisher Inn promises to keep you cozy in the arctic landscape. A cup of cocoa from the Inn’s Caribrew Café and a good book is all you need to enjoy nesting near your in-room fireplace.

If you’re starved for some Vitamin D, light your fire just before sunrise over the majestic Koojesse Inlet visible from your window–your room will become aglow with a tangle of golden hues from both the sun and fire to banish those winter blues.

The Frobisher Inn

7.8 Good (132 reviews)

Sleep sound at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge


You’re on your 10th run down the Giver Grandi trail at Mt.Norquay ski resort, gliding through the unbelievably fluffy snow in one of Canada’s most idyllic winter landscapes, but your legs are getting that tell-tale shake of exhaustion. Time to retire for a fireside rest at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge, a mere 17-minute drive away. If you’re gearing up for a second day on the slopes, a good stretch and a soaking session in the al fresco stainless steel hot tub is sure to keep those aching muscles at bay.

Before utter exhaustion kicks in, carb-up with a locally-focused meal at the Sleeping Buffalo dining room. Then, retreat for the evening to your rustic suite for a round of Uno by the soothing crackle of the fieldstone wood-burning fireplace that comes stocked with free firewood. As you lumber over to bed much earlier than your regular bedtime, sleep hits you hard under the comforting weight of the feather duvet as the last of the embers die out.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge

7.8 Good (186 reviews)

Warm your frozen toes at The James


There are two kinds of ice skaters at the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink in Saskatoon: the pros, taking corners at a steep angle and gliding backwards with ease. Then there are those who still need a chair to hobble around (full-disclosure, I’m the latter). Regardless of your aptitude, ice skating outdoors is one of our most beloved Canadian winter activities, but as you begin to lose sensation in your feet and the winter winds start to feel like paper cuts on your cheeks, it’s time to retire to the delightful roaring fire of The James hotel penthouse, a blessedly short walk from the rink.

Floor to ceiling windows and two balconies capture one of the most captivating views over a city decorated by the sparkle of hoar frosts. End your day out braving the frigid temperatures with a long bath in the deep soaker tub. Then, dry off in front of the roaring flames and savour a few blissful bites of the special dessert turn-down service before bedtime in the sprawling king-size bed.

The James Hotel

9.8 Excellent (1745 reviews)

Winsome winter at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa


Sparkling under frost and edging onto an expansive Carolinian woodland, a winter stay at the historic Langdon Hall is like wandering into a fairy tale. The Southern Ontario winter’s air might be bitingly cold, but I encourage you to don extra layers and roam the property’s trails. In the quiet of winter, the crackle of branches can reveal the presence of a gentle deer or the cheery song of a bird warms the heart.

Back at the property, luxurious antiques are the epitome of Old World grandeur as are the in-room wood-burning fireplaces that beg guests to pull up a chair and dive into a classic book– topping my list is The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. Plenty of indoor activities await those who fear the cold, including an award-winning spa onsite as well as cooking classes and wine tastings. Not to be missed, however, are the enchanting winter sleigh rides that manage to get everyone into the spirit of this fairytale season.

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

Top rated
8.8 Excellent (56 reviews)

A winter romance at the Prince of Wales Hotel


Bodily warmth makes winter all the more bearable and it’s truly the season to canoodle with more engagements taking place during the cold months than all the others. Creating the perfect occasion for a lovers retreat is the Prince of Wales Hotel where whispered sweet nothings are joined by the tickling warmth of your private fireplace and a boozy nightcap.

There’s truly no reason to leave the premises; pass on any outdoor activities in favour of a restorative couples spa session while the wind howls outside. Take a traditional afternoon tea and dine in style at the onsite Noble restaurant which ranks among the best in town. Likewise, if you’re in the mood for comfort food, then head to the Churchill Lounge for poutine, chicken and waffles, local wines and perfectly poured pints.

Prince of Wales

Top rated
9.2 Excellent (226 reviews)

A historic refuge at the Hôtel Nelligan


The storied charm of Old Montreal is amplified under the cover of ice and snow on its cobblestoned streets. Darting in and out of quaint boutiques, cafes and restaurants is one way of staying warm in the bleak winter cold but as darkness sinks in, temperatures are apt to drop below bearable and one must withdraw into the comforting plush rooms at the Hotel Nelligan.

Nelligan guests enjoy both the charisma of its century-old stone or exposed brick walls along with polished modern decor, lovely window views of Old Montreal and the roaring flames of in-room fireplaces that will lick the Quebecois cold right off your bones. If your tuque hasn’t yet dried from your afternoon wander you can dine right on the property at the upscale Verses Bistro or the pub-style Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie.

Hotel Nelligan

Top rated
9.6 Excellent (3375 reviews)

Quaint country weekend at the Wild Rose Inn


One night of winter romancing can revitalize even the most exhausted relationships. When you’re stuck in a rut or playing the avoid game with your problems, reset your relationship status with a cozy country weekend retreat at the adults-only Wild Rose Inn. The boutique hotel is all set to heal strained relationships with a plethora of romantic amenities.

Tensions dissipate by the glow of the fireplace and the bubbling whirlpool tub. Crack the balcony doors to let in some cold air and watch your darling scooch even closer for extra warmth.

Auberge Wild Rose Inn

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9.2 Excellent (1245 reviews)

Fire and light therapy at Hotel Shediac


It may seem counterintuitive to visit a beach destination in the dead of winter but the restorative powers of the sea continue to work their magic during the colder months. Fraying nerves are soothed by a long walk on the beach as the rolling surf laps against the hard sand in a steady rhythm that reminds you to breath deep. For those seeking a more mindful state, the Hotel Shediac is a healing winter getaway.

The hotel’s Spa Suite will warm every 10 of your toes after the shocking cold of the beach. It has twice the power to help banish those winter blues thanks to the generous warmth of the in-room fireplace and the chronotherapy tub with space for two. Chronotherapy uses the healing fusion of water and colour to soothe or revitalize your state of being and the availability of this treatment in your room is unique to the Hotel Shediac in the Atlantic region.

Hôtel Shediac

Top rated
9.2 Excellent (654 reviews)

Cheer and charm at the Murray Premises Hotel


St.John’s might battle against some of the most vicious winters in the country but somehow, the historic town hangs on to its cheer and charm even as icebergs slump past its harbour. While the sleet and steep icy streets might drive you indoors quicker than you expected, the vivacity of our most Eastern frontier is alive within the walls of the Murray Premises Hotel. The National Historic Site is right on the waterfront with many rooms overlooking the choppy Atlantic waters. Its 19th-century wooden beams and rock walls pair well with the roaring fire of your in-room fireplace as you sip tea to the sound of the window pane rattling.

Waking up to several feet of heavy white snow is not uncommon but there’s no need to search for breakfast beyond the doorstep: a free continental breakfast is served to guests in the majestic mahogany detailed H.M.S. Calypso Room. Grab an extra cup of coffee at the end to bring back up to the toasty fireside in your room as you wait for the streets to be salted.

Murray Premises Hotel

Top rated
St. John's
9.2 Excellent (2077 reviews)