Our Hometowns: A local’s guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Get exclusive local tips for your trip to the Argentine capital, including where to eat, drink and stay.

Finding local tips about a given destination is sometimes super hard – especially when you don’t know anyone from the city, right? As trivago is a melting pot, with people from all around the globe, we want to take you to explore our hometowns, from Porto (Portugal) to Cali (Colombia), by sharing exclusive tips that just a friend would give. 

In this article, we’ll transport you to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, where Francisco comes from. Proud “porteño”, he will guide us through the best places in the town to try out the famous Argentinian meat, to discover tango dance and to sleep well after a long day of activities. Let’s go!

Francisco Lalanne

Part of trivago Internal Communications team, Fran fall under the stereotype that says that the porteños (Buenos Aires natives) are very proud of their city and can’t stop praising about it whenever they have the chance. For him, there are always something new to discover in the Argentine capital!

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Here are few more restaurants and dishes that are definitely worth to try in Buenos Aires.

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The tips about Buenos Aires don’t stop there!

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While in Buenos Aires, don`t miss these great spots as well:

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There are many more hidden gems in Buenos Aires that you need to discover.


Located in the heart of Palermo neighborhood, the Home Hotel is a family run boutique hotel that is the perfect place to stay when visiting Buenos Aires. It has a great atmosphere and an amazing garden with pool, where you can relax after a full day of tourism in the city. It has also a unique restaurant where you can taste great food and cocktails. Besides all that, the hotel is close to the main city attractions and it is in the middle of a vibrant neighborhood, so don`t worry: you won’t get bored while staying there!