Massage Mississauga: 3 Hotels Where You Can Treat Yourself to Some Self-Care

We’ve all been the victims of massages with good intentions but bad results.

It starts off with a complaint; a harrowing long-haul flight or stress at the office has resulted in tense shoulders, a stiff neck, achy calves and the like. Enter the sympathetic partner, friend or family member who assures you of their superior massage capabilities and gets down to business attacking a knot in your back.

Within seconds, it dawns on you that you’ve made a dreadful mistake: their massage prowess was an exaggeration and the existing pain is joined by new aches and pains. You cut the session short, utter a quick “thanks!” and then you continue along in your state of misery.

Next time, leave it to the pros. At these Mississauga hotels, you can combine a stay with some professional pampering. These magicians can work through those knots and send you off feeling years younger.

It’s worth thinking about what you are looking for from a massage before you book as some are more suited to relaxation while others target specific health problems. If you are suffering due to muscle or back pain, it’s worth seeing a doctor who could prescribe a massage — a service covered by some insurance providers.

Re-balance and restore at Glenerin Inn & Spa


As you plough through the average week, the stress piles up on top of your shoulders just like the emails in your inbox. Stationed at a keyboard day in and day out, the numbness and tingling in your hands are becoming worrisome — so much so that it has resulted in tension from your ears to your toes. Looking for a solution quicker than waiting your turn at the walk-in clinic? A little staycation at the Glenerin Inn & Spa will do the trick.

This lovely historic property boasts more than just idyllic grounds, old-world charm, and a delightful onsite restaurant with a fantastic wine list. The onsite spa is what draws in many folks just like you who are in need of someone to work out their bodily kinks. Their massage services are available from either a certified spa therapist or a registered massage therapist who can issue insurance claims. Along with their classic massages, you can add on speciality massage experiences including Reiki, where the therapist channels energy from your body to restore and re-balance your own healing mechanisms, as well as hot stone massages and warm aromatic candle massages.

There are a few indulgent packages available including a healing retreat for two that includes treatment from your head down to your toes. You’ll get a full scrub down with soothing lavender followed by a warm massage, an acupressure facial, scalp massage, and reflexology. The package also includes a partner yoga session and lunch for two with wine and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. You’ll walk away floating on air!

Glenerin Inn & Spa

8.0 Very good (1078 reviews)

Push aside tension at The Waterside Inn


Sometimes the burden of existence weighs down on you. It doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful, or that others don’t also suffer, but we often need a mental health day (or two) that few are willing to take. A day without commitments, appointments, or worrying what’s for dinner, and a day to reset, both physically and mentally. Lighting a few candles and taking a bath might be nice, but treat yourself to a self-care stay at The Waterside Inn. The boutique property features lavish Persian carpets, art by the famous Group of Seven painters and an upscale restaurant.

From the comfort of your lake view suite and by the warmth of the gas fireplace, you can book a host of massage and spa services to help you relax and rejuvenate, care of The Spa Treatment Mobile Spa who service the Inn.
Remember the comforting feeling of having your head rubbed as a child? The Indian Scalp Massage perfects this technique, pushing tension down from the top of your head, the pressure points around your ears and out past your neck and shoulders.

It’s quite normal to feel overcome by emotions while you are on the table; crying is a healing release and you may find that certain parts of your body provoke these tears. A customizable full body massage is a great option for those who prefer to direct attention towards problem areas of their body. (Don’t be afraid to ask the masseuse to linger over that troublesome knot under your right shoulder or to really work through the nagging pain in your calves.) If you prefer just to sink deep into relaxation mode, the aromatherapy full body massage helps refocus your energies into unwinding.

The Waterside Inn

8.2 Very good (2035 reviews)

Banish pre-flight jitters with an in-room massage at the Hilton Mississauga


You’ve checked into the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale in anticipation of your outbound flight from Toronto Pearson airport which is only 20 minutes away. Being a nervous flier (and generally anxious about the entire travelling experience), you wanted ample time before you depart to clear your head and relax. Due to the stress, your shoulders have bunched against your neck and you have an annoying headache. It’s hard to distract yourself from the anxiety and at this rate, you’ll lose sleep if you don’t find a way to relax.

Thankfully, the massage gods are listening. Eclectica Hair design & Spa is located within the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale but they also offer in-room massages from Monday to Saturday performed by either a masseuse or a certified RMT (registered massage therapist) who is able to provide a medical receipt for insurance claims if necessary.

It all starts with the feet. The Tired Legs & Feet relaxation massage can relieve pain all over the body thanks to the pressure points on your foot. Special aromatherapy oils are chosen to complement the experience.
If you suffer from tickly feet, perhaps a glorious hour of full body rubbing by an RMT can cure your relaxation woes as you refocus your mind on the incredible “never been touched” sensations.

Alternatively, they also offer a hot stone massage where basalt stones are placed on the body and used by the massage therapist to rub and knead problem areas. This intriguing technique targets health problems including reducing stress and stimulating circulation that aids in soothing tense muscles and damaged soft tissue.

Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale

8.4 Very good (2143 reviews)