Accompany Your Dog on A Vacation to these Pet-Friendly Hotels In Canada

Avoid the dramas of packing your suitcase in front of your pet and save the money spent on kennels for a suite upgrade!

It’s time to go on a tour of Canada with your best friend– get that pooch selfie stick (google it if you haven’t uncovered this stroke of pet photography genius) packed and off you go.

We’ve rounded up some fantastic pet-friendly hotels in Canada stretching from coast to coast and just for fun, we’ve paired each hotel with a dog from the Canadian Kennel Club’s list of Canada’s favourite breeds. Did we miss yours? Feel free to bombard us with pics of your pal and tell us where you’ll be taking them next.

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Toronto


The Havanese, with its silky long coat, a trot that turns heads and a spirited demeanour, would love to make itself at home at The Broadview in Toronto. This pet-friendly Riverside district hotel crafts a unique experience for both two and four-legged visitors. Soak up the views of the city from the 360-degree glass pyramid skylight and the rooftop terrace.

Your pet will be pleased with the Broadview’s proximity to a dog park right outside the door as well as quick access to other beloved doggie friendly Toronto spots, including The Beaches. At the hotel, they will be treated to their own bed, bowl and treats. Hoomans will appreciate the stylish interior with record players, free WiFi and the locally-sourced minibar.

The Broadview Hotel

Top rated
9.0 Excellent (1776 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Banff


The lovely Juniper Hotel is located in Banff National Park. For the dog that enjoys a majestic soak in the sunshine with a view and an owner who appreciates some modernist architecture, the hotel is a dream come true– your pal will running in their sleep for months to come, dreaming of galloping in the arresting beauty of Banff. For a $25 pet charge, they’ll enjoy their own bed, bowls, treats and clean up baggies for your long walks in the woods.

Who deserves a trip to Banff? The rescue dog comes in many sizes, colours but its affection and loyalty are unmatched. Rescue dogs will be devoted, grateful and goofy in their quest to enjoy their second, third or maybe even fourth chance at the good life.

The Juniper Hotel & Bistro

Top rated
8.5 Excellent (2166 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Vancouver

Kind, even-tempered and a lover of long walks in muddy woods, the Labrador Retriever is Canada’s most beloved breed. This enthusiastic explorer is perfectly suited for a family trip to Vancouver to explore the sea, the city and the mountainous forests that the city is known for. The Skwachàys Lodge is a pet-friendly Aboriginal arts hotel as stunning as the scenery. This unique facility comprises of a hotel, gallery and Aboriginal artist residence with a mission to support the Vancouver Native Housing Society with shelter rate apartments and social enterprises also onsite. There’s also a rooftop sweat lodge and each suite was crafted into a unique theme by Aboriginal artists.

Fido is pampered with his own bowls, treats, doggie concierge, poo bags and pet walk map. The hotel charges a pet fee of $50 per stay.

Skwachays Lodge

Top rated
9.0 Excellent (2040 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Quebec City

The Sheltie is a playful, devoted dog known for its distinctive colouring and magnificent double coat that hangs like a mane. They are known to be as obsessed with their owners as their owners are with them, and this reciprocal devotion means they always travel together. Where better to treat the pooch than a stay at one of the top rated properties in Canada, Quebec City’s Auberge Saint-Antoine.

The boutique hotel is practically a museum as hundreds of artifacts were uncovered during archeological digs on the property. The thick stone walls juxtapose the modern updates you and your dog desire, including luxuriously heated bathroom floors. Dogs enjoy their own bowls and turn down treats as well as fancy strolls around the historic Old Port.

Auberge Saint-Antoine

Top rated
9.8 Excellent (2303 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Montreal


The Frenchie has been steadily gaining the hearts of Anglophones and French speakers in Canada alike, rising to number 8 most popular dog in Canada. Where better to treat the pooch to a holiday than at the Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel, with a commemorative photo opportunity for your pooch lurking on the rooftop terrace bar during Golden Hour. Both dog and biped friendly, the hotel is surrounded by Montreal landmarks ready to be explored, beginning with the expansive green paradise of Mont Royal and ending on the charming cobbled lanes of Vieux-Montreal.

The hotel happily accommodates two dogs no more than 45 kilograms each with a pet fee of $50 per stay.

Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel

Top rated
9.2 Excellent (1463 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in St. John’s


The German Shepherd is known as the hardest working dog in the business, heading up the frontlines of police units, the military and disability assistance. The intelligent dog is also beloved by Canadians, winning silver for popularity. Could it be because of their crazy adorable floppy puppy ears?

Watch those ears flop in the wind on your vacation to one of North America’s oldest cities and stay at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland. Free WiFi and an onsite pool make the hotel an easy pick with a location in downtown St.John’s.

Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland

Top rated
St. John's
8.6 Excellent (2072 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Niagara Falls


Courageous despite its pocketbook size, the Yorkie is smart and adaptable which paired with its minuscule stature makes it the perfect travelling companion. Bring the pooch along for the ride to Niagara Falls with a stay at the Best Western Fallsview. The hotel sets you and your pal up for the perfect visit, with rover receiving a free gift bag at check-in, specific pet towels to dry off from that Falls’ mist and a complimentary kennel should your quiet pet fancy a night in.

Plenty of walking trails abound to stretch your legs including a memorable lane that has you wandering close enough to the Falls to think it has started to rain. The fur parents will enjoy the hotel’s indoor heated swimming pool and whirlpool hot tub plus the memorable views from the Fallsview rooms.


Niagara Falls
6.7(324 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Ottawa

The hypoallergenic poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds as well as one of the most stylish. The family-focused breed is also faithful and playful and hates being separated from their hooman. A trip to Ottawa with your curly pooch pairs well with a stay at the Alt Hotel. Located in downtown Ottawa and within walking distance to the Byward Market and Parliament Hill, the hotel has free WiFi and funky decor.

The Alt Hotel allows one dog per room with a $30 housekeeping fee for your stay. The city is teeming with elegant streets to walk and lush parks– who knows, you might even make the acquaintance of Portuguese water dog Miss Kenzie Trudeau!

Alt Hotel Ottawa

Top rated
9.0 Excellent (2013 reviews)

Your Pet-Friendly Hotel in Victoria


Looking like something straight out of a comic book, the retro-chic Hotel Zed in Victoria will even have your pooch seeing colours. Rooms are outfitted with a whole range of fun items like vinyl listening stations and board games plus free WiFi and free coffee. The hotel is one block away from Galloping Goose trail, wandering over the Selkirk trestle across the waterway into downtown Victoria in 20 minutes.

There’s a $20 daily pet fee charged (max of $45 a week). For a lovely destination, you need a lovely water-loving dog. Sweet, friendly, jolly and patient, the Golden Retriever is the hallmark family dog, placing third on the CKC’s list of most popular breeds in Canada.

Hotel Zed Victoria

Top rated
8.8 Excellent (2062 reviews)