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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi… à Paris!

By , November 8th, 2017

Feeling hot for the perfectly romantic hotel in Paris? It’s going to be a hard decision to make with the sensual selection on hand.

Fortunately, our warm-hearted French colleagues at trivago magazine France were happy to share their ten romantic hotel picks in the City of Lights. Here’s what to expect before your room lights get dimmed a little more…


11. Hotel Sezz

That Romantic Hotel with an Eiffel Tower View

16th arrondissement (Trocadéro)

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Play out your own L-O-V-E novella at this boutique stay near the Jardins du Trocadéro. Take your flutes of Veuve Clicquot back to your 750 square foot suite opening onto views of the darling Eiffel Tower over the rooftops of Paris.

10. Henriette

That Romantic Hotel in Paris on a Budget

13th arrondissement (Gobelins)

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Fresh cut flowers, ultra comfortable beds, homey furnishings and breakfast made-to-order. Simply put, this is one of Paris’ best spots for couples.


9. Maison Souquet

That Unforgettable Paris Honeymoon Hotel

9th arrondissement (Montmartre)

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A former “maison du plaisir” tucked behind a hidden street façade awaits couples who are looking to check-out from one world and enter into a universe that is hushed and utterly bewitching… We’ll let you draw your own conclusions once you’ve spent the night.

8. Hidden Hotel

That Romantic Boutique Hotel near the Champs-Élysées

17th arrondissement (Arc de Triomphe)

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Whisper sweet nothings of Intuition, Émotion, and Sensation (the guestroom names at this hotel near the Champs-Élysées) not before drawing the curtains around your patio doors and the bed, of course.

7. Angély

That Romantic Paris Night-In

11th arrondissement (Place de la République)

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Floating bed, canopied bed or round bed: look no further for a seductive séance that is as theatrical and original as the head-turning décor at the Angély.

6. L’Hôtel du Temps

That Hipster Hotel in Paris for Lovebirds

9th arrondissement (Gare de l’Est)

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An oasis of cool and coziness with a dash of vintage quirkiness and a jazzy bar in the basement. When the atmosphere is this laid back, it’s hard not to settle in for the night straight away.

5. Le Lapin Blanc

That Cutesy Paris Boutique Hotel

5th arrondissement (Sorbonne)

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Whether an adorable bedside jacuzzi or a standing shower opening onto your pastel-coloured room, the ambience is one for the sweet and coy charmer.


4. Legend Hôtel

That One near the Pont des Arts Love Locks

6th arrondissement (Jardin du Luxembourg)

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Amid soft lighting and cascading curtains, the modern and playful rooms at the Legend are sure to win you and your better half over. Intimate moments guaranteed!

3. Design Sorbonne

That Quirky Boutique Paris Hotel

5th arrondissement (Latin Quarter)

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Kick off your shoes straight away and make yourselves at home at this boutique hotel away from peering eyes. Your clawfoot soak tub awaits.

2. Grand Pigalle Hotel

That Paris Hotel Bar and Breakfast

9th arrondissement (Pigalle)

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Paying homage to Pigalle’s raunchy past (and present!), you’ll fall head over heels for the satin sheets, soft lighting and mini bar craft cocktails at this boudoir style spot.

1. La Parizienne

That Bold Paris Design Hotel

6th arrondissement (Gare Montparnasse)

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Warm and enchanting, the dress code here is laissez-faire, perfect for exploring your sensual side in complete privacy.


And so, which of these hotels really has you worked up for a nuit amoureuse in Paris? We’ll keep it a secret from your loved one!

This article was translated from trivago magazine FR.