Romantic Weekend Getaways Out of Halifax | Spend Some Quality Time Together

Halifax has plenty of tried-tested-and-true romantic spots but for some occasions, a beer at the waterfront doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Whether you’re grovelling for forgiveness or just want to show that your love goes deeper than the Hali classic of ‘dinner at The Bicycle Thief and a movie at Park Lane’, whisking your partner away for a surprise romantic weekend will surely rev up any romance.

To help you come back to that honeymoon phase PDA, we’ve paired each unique Scotian experience with a cute stay to boot. Load up that old mixtape and take the highway out of town to these romantic weekend getaways from Halifax.

The Dauphinee Inn


The Experience: No more messing around– if you really want to woe your partner, a good ole’ fashioned dinner and dance is the route to the heart of any romantic. Send a handwritten invite (ok, maybe a text will do) inviting your beloved to the Shore Club Lobster Supper down in Hubbards and a weekend by the sea. Over the last 82 years, the Shore Club has fed well over a million freshly caught Atlantic lobsters, beautifully cooked in their own seawater and served in one of the “Last of the Great Dance Halls,” the kind where your grandparents probably met. It’s a community gathering that has graciously extended their invitation to sit down, don a bib and share a classic Nova Scotian meal on communal tables covered in red and white checkered plastic tablecloths. During the weekends from May till October, they have live bands and the multi-generational crowd is always keen to bust out a move on the dancefloor.

The Stay: In true-small town Maritime style, you should walk your date home under the stars; in your case, stroll to your weekend lodging at the Dauphinee Inn, just down the road from your lobster supper. Snuggle up under a blanket on the deck with a view onto the sailboats bobbing on Hubbards Cove. End your dinner and dance getaway with brunch at the Inn’s Tuna Blue Bar & Grill restaurant and skip the drive home on the 103 by taking the old St.Margaret’s Bay Road, whose twists and turns while winding next to the ocean makes it one of the nicest drives around Halifax.

Dauphinee Inn

Queensland Beach

Trout Point Lodge


The Experience: Under a blanket of stars, visible thanks to its prime location next door to the dark sky preserve of Keji, Trout Point Lodge brings a weekend of romcom-quality romancing to your relationship. The remote property is surrounded by a lushly wooded landscape with rivers, lakes and marshes. The key here is to take in lots of forest bathing, a Japanese self-care therapy which helps alleviate stress and tension. We know how hard it is to escape the hustle of your everyday lifestyle, so spending time among the trees, whether by sweating in the riverside cedar barrel sauna or meditating on the floating docks is essential. There are also kayaks and canoes at your disposal for exploring the many waterways that grace the lodge.

The Stay: Finish off your day with a meal at the restaurant where the bountiful array of natural Nova Scotia is assembled into Trout Point Lodge‘s take on Atlantic Acadian cuisine. It’s the kind of inspiring meal which will entice you into cooking together at home more often. With bellies full, turn north to watch the dancing of the aurora borealis before turning into your room. The rustic decor is softened by the luxurious fabrics and linens. Sleep is imminent with the lullaby of the forest playing gently by the crack of the window. You’ll awake to feel the calming effects of the forest bathing and a good night of sleep, ready to share the breakfast spread and drive on home.

Trout Point Lodge Of Nova Scotia


Sugar Moon Farm


The Experience: One of the many memorable ‘Heritage Minutes’ on TV depicted the Attikamek First Nations showing a French Canadian family how to harvest maple syrup. The Maple Magic experience can be yours at the Sugar Moon Farm near Tatamagouche. You’ll start the day off with a maple brunch of biscuits, pancakes, maple beans and sausages. Everything glistens with the magic of maple syrup including an astoundingly tasty whipped maple cream. Once you’ve eaten your fill, you’ll be guided through the history and process of maple syrup making before ending with the moment you’ve been waiting for– the hot maple syrup poured over crushed snow and eaten with glee. Make some room for maple souvenirs by strolling the endless kilometres of beautiful trails on the 200-acre farm.

The Stay: We neglect to appreciate not only the simple things in life but those with whom we share our life. For an easy remedy, extend your commute with nature from Sugar Moon farm to a weekend just for two at the Green Dragon Organic Farm and B&B. The certified organic farm hosts visitors in the simple beauty of their 150-year-old farmhouse that has been lovingly preserved into a bygone era. Wide wood floorboards and exposed beams make this stay feel like something out of an olden day love story. You’ll sleep soundly under the wild silk and duck down duvets without the sounds or light of the city to disturb your slumber. A farm-sourced breakfast is served in the morning and owners Gerlinde and Stephan will send you off with a packed farm box of produce and goat products to snack on during your journey home.

Green Dragon Organic Farm And B&B

9.0 Excellent (40 reviews)

Wolfville Magic Winery Bus


The Experience: The Annapolis Valley has caused quite a stir within the last few decades on the wine scene; the rich soil and sunny climate have cultivated quite the reputation. So much, in fact, that is has merited its own hop-on, hop-off double-decker bus shuttle that brings you between tasting sessions at the vineyards. There is something so democratic, not to mention safe, about transporting wine lovers to the Valley’s best. You can join the ride from Wolfville three times a day, from Thursday to Sunday, making this prime weekend getaway territory. Once you’ve tried all the wines, the bus drops you off back in Wolfville, within walking distance to your B&B, as detailed below.

The Stay: If you conjured up the image of a quintessential Inn, Victoria’s Historic Inn of Wolfville would appear alongside the Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls. Small-town accommodation should always be this charming and quaint! It’s holding onto a few remnants from its Victorian roots including stained glass windows that let in a medley of colours with the afternoon sun and an impressive formal dining room. The Chase Suite is fit for a royalty with elegant drapings decorating its spacious three rooms. While a few lovely historic details remain, you’ll be grateful for this modern age when you slip into the jacuzzi bath with a final glass of your favourite wine of the day. If you’d prefer something cozier, Lalia’s room has a similar historic, four-poster bed feel, and also has a jacuzzi.

Victoria's Historic Inn

8.2 Very good (934 reviews)

Ovens Natural Park


The Experience: There’s more opportunity to strike it rich in Nova Scotia than digging up the Oak Island treasure or gambling away your loonies at the Casino. Back in 1861, a few lucky devils managed to uncover heaps of gold during the Nova Scotian gold rush. There are still some nuggets laying around Cunard’s Beach at the epic Ovens Natural Park where you can rent a gold panning kit and get to work among the majestic craggy coast. Once you’ve found enough to retire on Monday, there’s a short hike to the dramatic wave swells which fill the Ovens caves. During the summer months, a licensed restaurant with wide views over the sea cave cliffs is the perfect place to stop for dinner and some live music.

The Stay: Whether your gold rush paned out or not, a stay in the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Lunenburg might soften the blow of only finding fool’s gold. Welcoming you with open arms to the candy coloured village is the Spinnaker Inn. Located right on Main Street, the historic clapboard house has views over the boats departing the harbour. You’ll also be tucked straight above the Salt Shaker Deli where locally-sourced products including seafood straight off the harbour boats are lovingly concocted into amazing meals.

Salt Shaker Deli & Inn

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Which getaway will you whisk your sweetheart to?