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It’s a familiar scenario: when 2020 arrived, we were all energized and already starting to plan and dream about our next trips. Then came the coronavirus madness (Covid-19) and life turned upside down ...

211; canceled vacations and events, social isolation and a next-level boredom difficult to express in words.

We get you, dear reader – after all, we’re in the same boat. However, we at trivago Magazine are inspired by nature and have decided to continue producing relevant and inspiring content for you throughout this crazy journey. We’re on a mission to make it possible to travel in quarantine – even just from your living room couch. After all, we all need a little extra positivity in our lives right now.

Enjoy curious hotel stories
We like to think we know a lot about hotels – and that involves interesting stories that you may not yet know. How about a bit of social distancing from the negative news and discovering some fun facts to share with friends on your next video call?

Travel to destinations and hotels through photos and videos
There’s nothing more relaxing than gazing at a stunning panoramic view or watching the casual sway of the sea – it’s better than any yoga class (even if virtually). Here, you’ll find audiovisual content that will fuel your daydreams: Instagram worthy views, floating bungalows and live streams from hotels around the world (in one you can even see elephants!) promise plenty of inspiration.

Why not plan your first post-quarantine trip?
While don’t have a crystal ball (if only), we believe that the first trip for many of us after this crisis will be to a destination a little closer to home – the journey will likely be by car, the investment will probably be less and the travel time will be a quick getaway. If this scenario seems all too accurate, we’ve rounded up articles for different weekend getaways from locations across the country – try British Columbia, Quebec or PEI.

* The cover photo on this page is by Frank Vessia, at Unsplash

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