Waterslide Hotels

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Discover Hotels with Waterslides Across Canada and the US

What could be better than spending a hot summer weekend rollicking your way down a waterslide, or watching the kids do so from the comfort of a Jacuzzi. We’ve chosen hotels across Canada that boast helter...

-skelter waterslides, waterfalls, mini-slides for tiny tots, and large indoor pools for hours of fun.

Looking for a hotel with its own waterpark?

For a hotel with not just slides but a full-works waterpark, then why not check out our selection of the best 6 waterpark hotels across Canada. From Niagara Falls to Vancouver, we’ve discovered hotels that have slides, rides and pools, plus something for the adults such as spas and Jacuzzis, so you can also take some time out whilst the kids play.

Looking for a hotel near you that has its own waterslides?

We’re working our way around the country to bring you a selection of hotels with cool waterslides and rides. If you’re in Saskatoon and looking to beat the heat then check out our favourite waterslide hotels in Saskatoon. Alternatively, if you are in Alberta and want a magical weekend away where you can shop til you drop, ice skate, eat-out, and spend an afternoon in a waterpark, then check out Fantasy Land near the Edmonton Mall for an unforgettable weekend. This hotel also has rooms with private Jacuzzis, just in case you want some grown-up fun after dark.

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